Friday, March 16, 2012

Aiman's Logo Typo

photoshop cs4
self typo


  1. assalamualaikum senior :)
    i like + i envy ur artwork. Ur artwork always be the example for us. When i was in sri iskandar, lect will show all ur artworks to us. I was like...who is Aiman? n lect said u gone to fastrack. Ure always with Eze and paan rite? How come i donno you but I noe eze n paan. AND until i came to uitm shah alam for degree, lect still show ur artwork as example. I think ure LEGEND. I keep wondering who is you. Till one fine day last year when I was in sem 2, Elee pointed her finger from far and said EH TU LA AIMAN KAN, YG ARTWORK POWER TU. Since that day i never see u. But I often saw eze and paan :) Because they will smile or greet me when they saw me^^

    1. waalaikummussalam :)
      Alhamdulillah sume anugerah Allah,pinjam sekejap je :)
      aah, sekali dgn eze n paan, orang lain x kenal sebab x hensem mcm paan ngn eze kot :)
      kalo jumpe tegur la, lagipun saya ni rabun jauh, kalo org dari jauh tegur memang xsedar :D
      terima kasih sebab sudi tengok work2 saya :)